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​Our Story


I was born in Birmingham, UK in 1997, and shortly thereafter moved to Lincoln, where I grew up. I returned to Birmingham in 1995 to go to the University Of Birmingham to study Mathematics. 


After University I got a job working for EXE Technologies in Bracknell, but the company was based in Dallas, Texas. In 2000 I got to go to the head office in Dallas for one year to help out with a surplus of work there. I had such a great time that first year that I decided to arrange a permenant transfer to the Dallas office. 


Jill and I met in 2005 when the company she worked for was bought out by the same company that had bought out EXE Technologies a few years earlier, so we were then working for the same company. Shortly after we met we became more than just friends and ended up being an office romance. 


We were married in 2010 in Naples, Florida and in early 2012 Jill was pregnant with our first baby. Evan was born on Nov 20th 2012. Our second son Reece was born in March 2015.


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